Gastronomic Food Solutions When working in the food industry, it is essential to be at the forefront to offer guests innovative menus and different ingredients and end up conquering them with an incomparable taste. According to The Gourmet Journal, Unilever Food Solutions has selected the most relevant trends to inspire you this year.

Vegetables And More Vegetables

Given the great demand for healthy food, there will be creative ways to prepare vegetables this year and even present them as appetizers or main courses. “Vegetables” will be the protagonists of your dishes—a perfect option for those who want to take care of themselves without neglecting taste.

Plant-Based Gastronomic Food Solutions

More and extra plant-based food options offer healthier options, such as B. Fake meats made from legumes and grains that provide great flavor and texture.

Hybrid Kitchen In The World

There is an excellent blend of flavors in the world, highlighting the diversity of each country’s ethnic cuisines, inspiring different dishes and creating incredible combinations with each region’s touch. Traditional cuisine with a twist is hot this season!

Colorful Food

Color in food is the protagonist again this year, and the rule is: the more colors, the more attractive the food is to take photos and share on networks. To create beautiful dishes that conquer the eye and the palate!

Floral Aromas

Flowers give a touch of life to the plating, but this year they are used more to provide aroma and enhance aromas, such as rose, jasmine or lavender.

Alternative Sweeteners

Sugar is a significant health problem in some parts of the world. And also so some healthier sweetening options have been used, such as honey or ground stevia.

Garbage Kitchen

Everything is edible. The trick is to know how and with what to prepare it! Because in the kitchen you try to make the most of every resource. And also you have to be creative in the preparation of all the ingredients… Find out more about Zero Waste. And also program by UFS to help you discover how to reduce waste in the kitchen.

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