Dips Foods It’s already Saturday and as we don’t have to go to work today, many of us take the opportunity to get up later, organize the weekend and prepare an aperitif to enjoy at home. In case you’re in the mood, we’ve handpicked nine ideas to dip into the weekend dips foods.

These are all fast and easy ideas that can certainly resolve the vermouth or traditional beer vote before lunchtime.

Not that I like Anglicism but I think being so prevalent it is almost easier to understand “deeper” than its translations as sauces for dipping things and eating them, so I will accept the term as good. . The truth is, making veggie sticks, carboys, celery, and crunchy items – fries, tortilla chips or nachos and pretzels – and putting one of those sauces in the middle, is always a good idea in the world. aperitif time. Here are our nine suggestions if you want to whip up a casual snack this weekend.

Crab sauce

The quick crab dip recipe is excellent, made with surimi or faux crab sticks. An inexpensive and easy to make recipe that practically only requires mixing the ingredients and mashing them with a blender or food computer until you get a smooth cream, perfect for dipping breadsticks, bread sticks. vegetables or fries. Be sure to try this simple dip,

Traditional Guacamole

While it might not be a “dip” recipe in the strict sense, traditional guacamole is a perfect recipe for this purpose as it usually eaten by dipping crispy chips or nachos loaded with content. . You can make this recipe in a traditional plan, leaving the cream with a rustic texture or if you prefer, mix it with a blender until you get a more comfortable cream to “dip” on.

Mussel Pie

Watch how easy this pâté is to make and how delicious it is. As much for spreading on crispy buns as for dipping – trying to do it with a more fluid texture in this case – it’s an easy and quick recipe that everyone loves. Coat with crushed 2 boxes of marinated mussels, 1 box of plain mussels, 3 cheeses, 6 crab sticks with a little mayonnaise and give it a more or less thick texture according to our tastes

Jordanian Mutable or Baba Ghanoush

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to visit Jordan and learn how to make this simple eggplant pate recipe, known as Mutable or Baba Ghanoush. It is a simple recipe that you can mix in a blender to create a homogeneous creaminess.

Avocado hummus

Our partner Phil posted this Avocado Hummus Recipe a long time ago, and I have tried it several times since. This recipe appears to be a delicious dip, ideal for gatherings of family and friends.

smoked salmon crown

It seems incredible that something as simple and easy as smoked salmon pate is delicious. Just crush 250 g of smoked salmon, 1 jar of plain Philadelphia type cheese spread, add a few drops of lemon juice and gravy with eggs.

Spicy Eggplant Dips Foods

Our weekend snack will be a success with a few wheat tortillas to make these “edible platters” and the recipe for the spicy eggplant dip. It’s a quick and easy recipe, but served like this and garnished with sesame seeds and vegetable sprouts, it will be very flavorful for everyone.

Avocado and Black Garlic Vegetarian Dips Foods

Easy, tasty and different, this vegetarian avocado and black garlic dip will not leave anyone indifferent, whether you prepare it in a rustic texture to eat with Mexican chips or make it in a food processor or a blender for give it a creaminess. texture. and use to dip with celery sticks or carrot sticks.

With these nine weekend dip ideas, everyone will enjoy happy hour. Don’t over-plan your meals afterwards as these it are very addicting. You eat them almost without realizing it, so if you are making two or three different ones, they will probably be enough to avoid arriving hungry at mealtime.

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