The Eyebrow Hair Once you have the reference points that would define the shape of your eyebrow, you can start cutting your hair and eliminate what remains.

To cut the most extended hair, brush the eyebrow with a brush.

(eyebrow brush, toothbrush, or mascara) and trim any salvage redhead with scissors or a shaver razor.

This long hair should never remove with tweezers because we leave minor bald points that would affect the appearance of the eyebrow.

Then Use The Tweezers To Give Your Eyebrow

The ideal image takes into account its original shape and face type.

After reaching a body, you will only remove the hair different from the imaginary path.

After a first criticism in which it eliminates the most obvious and annoying hair, move away from the mirror to check the effect and see if you need to delete more to the shape.

The eyebrow is generally thicker in the first half (up to the highest point) and slightly thinner in the final half.

If you doubt the thickness, it should remain short that it takes too far and let the eyebrows be too light that lost in the distance.

If after the correct shape and start the eyebrows, do you consider that they are rare enough

(that is, they disappear almost far away) or there are visible gaps, you can always apply makeup so that they receive a perfect finish?

However, to do this, nearly all brands sell eyebrow makeup kits to fill the holes naturally.

Most contain wax to configure the shape and shadow to fill.

Before buying your eyebrow kit, something fundamental to know is that the colour must be two more clear tones.

Than the colour of the hair.

For this reason, the most normal thing is to find brown tones (brown or grey) perfectly camouflaged.

With our natural eyebrows.

If you use a black colour (even if you have deep black hair), the filling makeup will be too visible and make your gesture too tricky.

Errors When Starting Eyebrows

Until you find the eyebrow design that best suits your face and learn well,.

To what extent you should start and consider what parameters, confused are straightforward.

That’s why we collect the most common mistakes in this regard.

Too Much

Often, looking for absolute symmetry (and useless, on the other), we will bend to the sea, leaving our eyebrows too thin.

By ignoring the aesthetics of the moment, which dictates that more populated eyebrows, better, better, should know that successive hair removal destroys the region’s hair at the point of alopecia in some cases. But do not worry. It is even possible to have transplants in this area.

In general, the rule is to eliminate the bristles that come out of the drawing of the eyebrows, either above or below.

Eyebrow Too Far

When you place your eyebrows, it’s essential to take small breaks to check the overall result.

Especially when talking about eyebrows.

Because there is an obsession with cleaning this area with excessive limits.

Did you know that if you spend wax between eyebrows, you can develop your nose?

Make sure the beginning of the eyebrow is at least brought into line with the nose wings

So, as not to leave them too far, a shocking effect.

Change The Natural Way

So, you like the shape of the eyebrows of a model or celebrity does not mean that it promotes it.

That’s why you have to consider the predominant way of your natural eyebrow, without starting.

Before applying the parameters described above.

Keep in mind that the bottom of the eyebrow will allow you to shape the entire set.

At the top, you will need to coincide and limit the height.

Insufficient Tweezers

It’s better to have quality tweezers, a shape and size that provides you with more comfort.

If you do not have good tweezers, the bristles may break instead of being extracted from the root.

Will prevent you from consuming a good result and can irritate the area.

Micro bladder

Pigmentation technique with more natural results than the classical tattoo.

It is an ideal treatment for people with rare eyebrows or who lose their hair over the years or due to a disease or medical treatment.

Microblading allows us to configure both and fill the eyebrow at these points where it is necessary, without intense aggression on the skin and with a finish that passes completely unnoticed

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Review The Eyebrow Hair.

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