Nail Our nails, like our hands, are an indispensable cover letter that says a lot about our image and our personal care. For this reason, just as we go to great lengths to apply moisturizers to our face, conditioners to our hair, or scrubs all over our bodies, we should include taking care of our nails into our regular beauty routine.

With this care, the nails will no longer turn yellowish, open in layers or break at the slightest touch. Something to note:


1. “Feedstuff” Your Fixes

The first object to keep in mind is that diet significantly affects the appearance of our nails. An illness or a severe vitamin deficiency can impact our nails.

In general, eating foods rich in vitamins A and B is optional. So if you have hard nails, you should start by reducing the presence of grains, brewer’s yeast, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, nuts, almonds, shellfish and fish. A balanced consumption of dairy products recommends providing the necessary calcium to display healthy and strong nails.

2. Protect Them From Moisture And Aggression

Always use gloves when rubbing, not only to avoid damaging the enamel of the teeth but also because the constant contact of the nails with moisture and soaps worsens them and even the appearance of fungus. Also use gloves for any work that puts a strain on your nails, such as B. gardening, DIY and handicrafts with aggressive products.

3. Hydrate Nails

Nails also need their dose of moisture to be healthy and strong. For this, I mention a gesture as simple as baths in olive oil. Leave on the nails for 5 minutes and then massage them so that they absorb the nutrients as well as possible. If you also want to harden them, apply a few drops of castor oil.

You will also find below how to make your own nourishing nail mask with a very simple recipe.

4. Take Care Of Your Cuticles

Just as you take care of your hands from time to time, you also need to take care of your cuticles. Usually, the big cuticles forgot. For this reason, every time you apply a moisturizer to your hands, I advise you to spread it on the cuticles by doing a little massage.

Prepares and nicely conditions the surface for the manicure. In addition, when doing your manicure, you must moisten your cuticles with oil (available in stores or home-based) to soften them and be able to model them without hurting yourself. Never cut them unless you discover skin or nails. Push back with an orange or cotton swab soaked in oil once moisturized. Do this by drawing small circles, gradually removing them.

5. Cut Nails

Although using a file is preferable to scissors, you can trim your nails if they are too long and you don’t want to use them that way. Always do this with a suitable pair of scissors or nail clippers and follow the shape of the cuticles that match the natural profile of your nails. The best time to do it without too much effort is when you get out of the shower because the pins will be softer.

6. How To Present Them

Use a cardboard arrow, preferably metal, to avoid splinters. To make the filing less aggressive, soak your hands in lukewarm water with a little soap for a few minutes. This way, we don’t attack the nail layers too much.

File from side to side, always in the same direction, and with long, even strokes. Never file back and forth. Draw the line slightly diagonally at the ends and connect the stroke to the rest of the edge of the nail. To remove debris, run the file vertically up and down the edge of the nail in one-way motions.

7. Whiten Your Nails At Home

If your nails have turned yellow and you want to whiten them, you can do it from time to time by soaking them in lemon juice.

As you know, applying colored nail polish can yellow the nail. A protective primer should always use before color coating. If your nails have straight yellow and you want to clean them, you can do it from time to time by soaking them in lemon juice. Massages with lemon-based paste, baking soda, and olive oil also work as whiteners. Even if you soak your nails in milk with lemon juice

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