Tricks To Extend Their life

Eyelashes Quality false eyelashes are expensive, so if you want to use them more than once, we explain how to wash your false eyelashes without damaging them.

In Spain, we can purchase false eyelashes to give an attractive look to our look, with the perfect length, volume, and curvature for our eye type. False eyelashes are an increasingly popular product among Spaniards. However, it can be a little pricey, especially if it is high quality. But we have good news for you: you can clean and reuse false eyelashes with proper care.

If you want to show off your eyelashes more than once and make them look like day one, good maintenance is essential every time you use them. Pay attention to the following tips, we explain how toE wash your eyelashes to extend their life and the best tricks to maintain them.

What Do I Need To Wash My False Eyelashes

The first thing you should have on hand is a good cleanser to get started with cleaning your eyelash extensions. To do this, you can use a mild soap without alcohol or oils to clean the eyelashes well and not weaken them. However, if you want a faster and more effective result, you can use a special makeup remover and the following items:

1. Watery Make-up Remover

Oil-based makeup removers eventually tarnish false eyelashes and reduce their stickiness. To avoid this, always go for a quality eye makeup remover. This maintenance is essential to take care of the condition of the eyelashes and prevent them from accumulating dust and dirt that can irritate your eyes. Therefore, the more natural the product you use, the less likely it is to spoil it.

2. Cotton Buds

It is better to do this with the help of cotton swabs or swabs. Some recommend using makeup remover pads or cotton balls, but they may leave fibers trapped between the eyelashes.

3. Tweezers

Finally, use tweezers to remove any large pieces of glue that may have fallen between the eyelashes. But, if you can do it with your fingers much better, this will prevent it from deforming.

If you wonder how long false eyelashes can last, it depends on their quality. If you wash it correctly after each use, you can use it for 10-12 days. So please pay attention to the following steps for cleaning false eyelashes.

How To Clean False Eyelashes Step By Step

Earlier you start, you should know that this process is best suited for cleaning false eyelashes with glue and not for magnetic or magnetic it . Now, let’s see how to wash your it to maximize their useful life:

First, before removing false it wash your hands with a very gentle soap. It is essential, as your fingers will contact your eyes and eyelashes, so be sure to clean and disinfect them well.

Then carefully remove the eyelashes with your fingertips

It recommends using tweezers or nails, as false it are very delicate and damaged.

Next, soak a cotton swab in water-based eye makeup remover and remove any excess glue accumulated on the lash band.

It’s time to clean your false it well. To do this, soak two new pieces in the duplicate makeup remover and place the it between them. Then move it carefully from one end to the other to remove any residue.

Do this process on both sides of the extensions, this way, and you can remove remnants of mascara and glue between the eyelashes.

To remove stubborn glue residue, you can use tweezers. But do this very carefully. Otherwise, you can pull out the hairs or even distort your It.

Once you have gently rubbed the false it , place them on absorbent paper and allow them to dry completely.

After washing the it , you can spray a little alcohol to remove bacteria or dirt that may be between the it when they are dry.

Tricks To Maintain False Eyelashes

In addition to cleaning false eyelashes, as we just taught you, other tricks will allow you to maintain them better, thus ensuring a more durable and safe use.

Eyelashes brush

I am brushing it after washing is essential to maintain the original curve of this accessory. To do this, you can use an eyelash-defining comb or an empty mascara brush.

In any case, the brush must be very clean before use. Finally, comb your it if you were applying mascara, i.e. constantly from the bottom up and very carefully.

Save them properly

As we said above, false it must  well dry and brushed before storage. Also, you must save in mind that if you want to keep your it looking new for longer, you will not be able to save them in any way or anywhere.

Once they’re ready, please put them in an eyelash tin or their original box. This way, by storing it in a tightly closed and airtight place, you will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on it.

In addition, we recommend that you store your false it in a cool, dark place because if they are directly exposed to light, they may deteriorate and change color.

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