Oil Or Cream, Which Moisturizer To Use?

Oil Or Cream Or, for some strange reason, since I first tried a body oil, I’ve neglected to use moisturizer. So I thought one could be a substitute for the other until I realized it didn’t have to be that way. They can be complementary products that reinforce the skin’s protective barrier while moisturizing it.

In the end, what I’m looking for is soft, smooth and hydrated skin. So, given the dubiousness and questionable comments I received when I commented in my environment on suspicions that the use of one product was revealed to me at the expense of another, I conclude that it is appropriate to ask those who understand skin best.

Dr. Cristina García Millan, a dermatologist at Pedro Jaen Group, was kind enough to answer my questionnaire. I first ask you about the differences between treating your skin with an oil or a moisturizer. ”

The Main Difference Between Cream And Oil Lies In Its Composition.

Creams of an oil component and a water component, and the ratio of both members makes the difference between the texture of an ointment, paste, cream or lotion. On the other hand, oils do not hold water, they only contain the oily component.” . This difference in composition makes the penetration greater or lesser. “Oil penetrates less into the epidermis and remains only in the stratum carenum,

Which is the superficial layer of the skin. On the other hand, the cream can penetrate this stratum carenum and penetrate the skin at a slightly deeper level thanks to that percentage of water it contains in its formula”, comments a doctor skin diseases.

Faced With That First Statement

I then think I’ve been superficially moisturizing my skin for too long. Thus I neglected it even though I had a completely different sensation in my head, possibly derived from the success that applying the oily formula causes me to.

But the doctor erases that silly syllogism to me with a masterful correction. “Both oils and creams are good at hydrating the skin and maintaining the skin barrier. The oil works very well, forming a tough protective layer on the skin that prevents water loss. On the other hand, creams penetrate the skin and moisturize it by adding water.”

A Self-Reported Note

Both are good options for keeping skin hydrated. Do oils have disadvantages in weight compared to creams or vice versa? Dr. Cristina García Millan patiently explains that “the imperfections of oils are not so much related to their function as they are absorbed more slowly and can stain clothes if not applied properly.” In this sense, the classic method “best to apply to wet skin” is not a myth but an irrefutable fact because it is also better to wait a bit before getting dressed so that it is completely absorbed and does not leave stains on the clothes.

On the other hand, the advent of dry oils has also demolished the myth that all oils leave a greasy feeling on the skin,” the dermatologist comments again, stressing that the inconveniences associated with oil formulations have widely eliminate .

Another myth I came across among the “pseudo-estheticians” I met while passing through street gatherings . And also they talked about everything and also (of course) beauty the one. And also who insisted that the oil had a more natural formula. For the body and therefore less harmful.

The “nature”

the product does not depend on whether it is formulate cream or oils composition. It in terms of oils, what you need to keep in mind when choosing one it is that it is preferable to be of vegetable origin rather than mineral. And also since the latter tends to be very irritating and pimple-causing,” explains the dermatologist.

And I don’t know if it’s because of the overwhelming “natural” label increasingly being targeted for cosmetics or to show a general ignorance of the sector. Dr. Cristina Garcia Milan advocates for the cosmetics industry. It is also not a negative that cosmetics contain additives or result from an industrial process. Both creams and oils need different strategies to remove impurities before filling. And also to give them sufficient consistency to able to applier to the skin. And also so that they retain their properties and do not oxidize, etc. ”

The best option will always be determined by whether. And also the product is suitable for the skin’s needs to treat. it since there are many differences in the two formulas.

Fortunately, choosing one presentation or another depends more on personal tastes and excitement than on its benefits or characteristics  can find excellent alternatives in both presentations.

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