press language in more than one dictionary. So in the skull dictionary that is, the press is: (the profession of the person who brings news and opinions and publishes them in a newspaper or a magazine, and the reference is: journalist), press images are: the press is based mainly on the pictures,

While national newspapers and newspapers are: (and magazines throughout the country), in the dictionary of the average and contemporary Arabic language, a press release is as follows: (work in newspapers magazines and Media; Any news, in writing, Investigations, and articles) Also: Press: (aircraft and character). The press in the Insignia Dictionary is: (the art of the creation of newspapers and magazines, and writing) As for journalists and journalism,

Name Attribute To The Press And Press

press activity—all those who collect news and opinions and publish in a newspaper or a magazine. The journalist press is a profession based on collecting information, analysis, and credibility accepted before presenting to the public. Most of the time, this news is associated with emerging events. Whether it’s political, cultural, cultural sports, or other fields, the press is the daily food of man’s thinking; It is allowed to know what is happening around him in different aspects of life. English told Burke about it: It is the fourth authority. The word magazine is a western label, which indicates newspapers published daily.

The Press Known Since Neurological Age

Western press began at the beginning of the sixteenth century, news and advertisements began printing in Mainz in Germany after the invention of the printer by Gutenberg, until the distribution of printed newspapers began in 1465, and the news print periodically. The press extend in Europe and America in the XVII and 11th centuries. In 1702, Daily’s newspaper known as Coronet appeared in London, one of the first newspapers in the world. The times were established in 1788, Courier appeared in 1805. In 1814, the printing vapor machines use to print Times in London. Although its form is now different from its previous form, serves the same purpose, which publishes information about people and the subsequent history dating from the time of the Babylonians; When you named a writer for the record of the most important daily events.

ITH The control of the Arab press

Give the impression for the first time in Egypt, and then appear in the rest of the Arab countries, is show in Egypt: when Napoleon Polari invade Egypt in 1798, deploy French and in 1828, Mohammed Ali Pasha issue An official newspaper call Al -quote, follow by the publication of the Al-Ahram newspaper in 1875, which is still publish today. At the start of the 20th time, the number of newspapers in Egypt increase, and tremendous, unions, politics, and pills,

Until they were publish in 1944. Newspaper Algeria

In 1847, a French official newspaper called Al-Moussa, followed by the newspaper El Planet in Africa in 1907, the first Arabic newspaper published in Algeria. Lebanon: Newspaper newspaper gardens published in 1858, followed by the publication of many newspapers, such as: Syrian ship and humans. At present, the newspaper published Al-Nahar and others. Tunisia: Tunisia newspaper published in 1860. Syria: The Syrian newspaper published in 1865 m in Damascus, followed by the publication of several newspapers, including: Agadir al-Fruit and Shahab. Libya:

The first newspaper call Tripoli West was publish in 1866. Iraq: The first newspaper published in 1869, followed by many newspapers, including: Mosul, Basra and Baghdad newspapers. Morocco: Morocco publish in 1889. Palestine: The Nair newspaper publish in 1908. Jordan: The newspaper publish the right name Yalow in Amman in 1920. Saudi Arabia: The Qibla reported, which was the first official newspaper, and then changed its Name to the Umm Al-Quran newspaper in 1920

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