Media Monitoring service, press clipping service or clipping service as it was formerly known, provides customers with copies of media content that is of particular interest to them and is subject to changes in demand; What they provide may include documentation.

What is Message Tracking?

Monitoring the media means watching the channels to which a message has been sent and identifying the reactions of the target audience to take them into account and act accordingly, explains the PR agency Another Company, which also proposes different aspects check based on in each

One of the most unusual critical public relations activities is monitoring the client’s presence in the various communication spaces. Spotting trends, preventing crises, and identifying the messages with the most significant impact are some of the benefits of media monitoring, but what are the critical elements of good monitoring

The media have undergone further development in terms of structure and content in recent years. People connect longer and living omnichannel: By 2020, it expects that there will be an average of seven connected devices per person, which, according to Ricardo, will require cross-media measurements that offer companies a comprehensive vision Barretta , CEO of GfK, on ​​a conference organized by the Media Research Directorate.

Monitoring the media means watching the channels through which a message sent and determining what reactions it had in the target audience to take notice and act accordingly, explains Another Company, a PR agency that also suggests checking different aspects based on each media.

Television And Radio

Items to check include the station’s rating, coverage area, watch time per minute, and average hours manage. To analyze the news, you can access recordings or podcasts to know aspects such as the tone or the fidelity of the mentions.

An average of 14.7% of people watch daytime television, while 7.5% make up the average radio-on audience, according to data from the Federal Telecommunications Agency’s 2017 . And also Quarterly Statistical Report 3.

Digital Media

In 2017, Internet users in Mexico grew by 12%, reaching 79.1% of the population. According to the 14th Study of Internet User Habits in Mexico 2018 by the Association of Internet.MX (AIMX).

In this sense, the impressions, the traffic source, the unique visits, the length of stay and the new and returning visitors the fundamental elements to analyze this channel. Tools such as Google Trends or information about countries or dates use to get a more detailed report.

Print: It is crucial to monitor these channels different media, both print and digital, handle a different information agenda. The scope, story space, informative treatment, and medium distribution appraise.

Social Networks

Accessing these sites is the main activity of Mexicans on the Internet, with an overall frequency of 89%. Likewise. According to AIMX, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. And also the most social networks with 98%, 91% and 82%, respectively And also in the same order.

Each network’s internal tools or external sources rummage-sale to identify the impressions. Frequency, mentions, shares, and clicks generate for this analysis.


These characters have become relevant because of the connection and trust with audiences. With that in mind, it’s essential to know the reputation of the person in question. And also their type of audience, number of followers, conversion level, and engagement with their audience.

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