Manicure For your nails to be beautiful, elegant, and healthy, it is crucial to know the secrets of a good manicure. We will explain the ritual to you step by step to take care of from home.

These are the guidelines for a full manicure, although you can customize them to suit your nails needs and taste. If you wear your nails without painting, you only need to do this every 15 days. Remember that the style of manicure you choose must meet the needs of your lifestyle, but above all, the time you can devote to care and decoration. Nothing is uglier than nails with chipped polish; Therefore, if you cannot give the nail polish the necessary care, wear a transparent nail or simply a clean, well filed and varnished nail. To correctly perform the manicure, please do not change the order of the steps since each of them will prepare your nails for the next.

Removes Old Tooth Enamel.

Wash your hands thoroughly and remove any old nail polish residue. Use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover and gently press on the nail for about 15 seconds to dissolve it. Remove using upward or forward motions, but not sideways, as you will pull the paint and get your fingers dirty.

Customize Them.

Then gently limit them. It is better to do this with dry nails because if we wet them with water first, they will become soft and porous, and you may file them excessively. Filing should complete in one direction and towards the centre to prevent damage. Although the choice of nail shape and length is a matter of personal taste, it should be adapted to our lifestyle, knowing that the longer and more pointed they are, the less resistant and difficult they become. Take care. Only use small nail scissors or nail clippers if the nails are too long.

Water Nails.

Soak your fingers in a bowl of warm, soapy water for a few minutes. Then dry them carefully and apply a special cream or oil, massaging with your fingertips, especially the cuticle area to moisturize them. It is unnecessary to leave them for a long time because the porous nail can absorb too much water and become soft.

Treat the Cuticles.

Don’t cut it because they are the perfect entrance for infection when they are broken or bruised. In addition, its function is to protect the edge of the flesh with the nail, and when getting hurt, it will create a thicker layer. Using an orange stick or a cut spatula, gently remove the cuticles and very gently push them to the edge.

Cut off Dead Skin.

If you have dead skin or hangnails, use manicure tweezers to cut them off, but be careful not to injure yourself. Then massage the area with cream or oil and repeat this massage once a day (better at night) until they disappear.

Wet the Nails.

Apply a special revitalizing oil or cream, massage the nails and hands to moisturize and regenerate them and wait a few minutes for it to absorbed. Remove excess fat from nails with facial tissue before applying nail polish.


If you don’t want to use nail polish, you can use soft nail polish to give them a natural shine and look as close as possible to a French manicure (pink on the flesh and white on the outside).


Start painting when dehydrated, using a brush stroke in the middle. Then, on both sides, be careful not to touch the end of the skin on either side to not dirty the edges and allow the nail to breathe. Do not spread the second coat until the first is completely dry.

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