Meat Substitute does not have to be an absolute meat imitation. Nature itself provides us with excellent and tasty substitutes for meat proteins.

These proteins create in various grains, vegetables, and legumes. Here are five meat substitutes that will inspire you:

1. Lentils and Edamame

Among the legumes, we find lentils. Lentils are great for preparing dishes with minced meat. There are different varieties like green, red, brown and black.

Lentils are a food that can be used in recipes for hamburgers, meatballs and croquettes due to their quick preparation and consistency. Also, did you know that lentils are considered by many to a superfood due to their nutritional value?

Edamame, a product made from soybean pods, is a delicious vegetable widely use in Chinese culture. Now we can see it as an excellent snacking option when preparing vegan meat. In Chicago, Loving Heart restaurant offers a “Happy Burger” with ground edamame, black beans, oats, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, cheese and mayonnaise, the latter two vegans.

2. Eggplant

Only a few know all the possibilities of the auberge, from slicing to make lasagna to spiraling to making pasta. Its meaty texture and succulent flavor can satisfy cravings for a good piece of meat. Other eggplant options  meatballs stuff with cheese like mancheron or mozzarella or deep-fried like a good Milanese.

Eggplant meatballs are a trendy alternative when preparing hamburgers in many regions of Latin America.

3. Tofu and Tempeh

Root Down Restaurant in Denver offers a tremendous Indian-inspired dish: a tofu korma with grilled cauliflower, black rice, pine nuts and strawberries. Tofu is made from soybeans and is one of the first meat and dairy products. Not only is it an excellent substitute for chicken dishes, but it can also prepare  croquettes or chops—a hit at diners.

Tempeh, a fermented soybean product originally from Indonesia, is a type of cake that is sliced ​​and can brown, fried, grilled, or breaded. It serves chopped in salads or bowls. Hip City Veg, a vegan restaurant in Philadelphia, performs a “meat” sandwich with smoked tempeh.

4. Jackfruit

A sweet tropical fruit that can use and shred the meat in savory dishes. This fruit remains bought whole or even canned. Jackfruit is excellent on a grill, stir-fry, or any dish that calls for chicken or pork. In Mexico, it is common to use the only pulp. However, with veganism, more and more preparations use their entire interior for dishes prepared initially with meat.

5. Mushrooms and Mushrooms

When it comes to seeking out the flavor of the meat, the best is in the mushrooms and mushrooms. Because of their fleshy and seemingly soft texture, they are the best choice for preparing gratins, sandwiches and grilled dishes.

One of CHLOE’s New York’s signature dining room bites is CHLOE’s Whiskey BBQ with grilled mushrooms and Portobello accompanies by spicy seitan-based chorizo. Another good meat substitute.

A meat analog a food industry term for a meat-like substance made from vegetarian ingredients. The most common terms plant-base meat, vegan meat, meat substitute, artificial meat, meat alternative, imitation meat or vegetarian meat, or sometimes more pejoratively fake meat or fake meat.

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