Fire Movement it is becoming increasingly important to think about private plans in the face of less than optimistic forecasts, which is still challenging to teach in the Spanish mentality. However, we are becoming more and more aware.

Movement of Fire

Fire’s goal of financial independence is clear: each individual must create a savings and investment plan that will enable them to generate passive income in their retirement. And if you can retire at 50 as soon as possible, so much the better.

The first thing that followers of this trend do is analyze their personal or family finances. That is, expenses, income, debt and the potential profitability of your property or investment. The calculation makes it possible to determine how much money they will need to live on when they retire.

For this reason, in this context, it is crucial to consider different options, such as one from the United States, which secures and anticipates retirement.

We’re talking about the FIRE movement, which aims to ensure that citizens enjoy their retirement before 50. But is that possible? Yes, and we’ll see how.

quantamental tool kits investing has become an increasingly popular approach to investment management and seeks to increase risk-adjusted return by combining the scientific rigor of quantitative analysis with the more discretionary, fundamental analysis of assets.

FIRE and not Working After 50

The FIRE movement, for its acronym Financial, Independence, Retire Early, is made up of each individual who embarks on a financial savings and investment plan that will enable them to enjoy passive income once they retire. And this retirement should take place as soon as possible, if possible after 50 years.

Investing in fast growth stocks can be a great way to earn life-changing wealth in the stock market.

The personal finances of each study. That is, your expenses, income, debts, and the potential returns your properties can offer you show how much money you will need to live on in retirement.

Once you have that base, it’s time to start the plan. The FIRE movement is design for high earners, but it applie to lower ranks if you set a higher retirement goal.

In any case, it is a risky strategy that requires professional advice to create an investment strategy.

the rule 4

Perhaps the key to the FIRE movement lies in the so-call ‘Rule of 4’, according to which only 4% of the savings may use annually after retirement to survive without work. Therefore, cost containment is essential to the operation of the system.

Without this rule, the movement can fail and we will be left without money when we are older and unable to work. Although passive income meant to guarantee our livelihood, spending should not exceed.

Also, considering retiring at 50, you need to start early, so your thirties might be the time to join FIRE.

Many people are going to wonder if this 50-year-old thing is possible, and it is, but you have to have things very clear, be consistent with the plan and be lucky enough to have high salaries when you’re young, something that is not common in Spain.

In any case, the FIRE movement teaches us that retirement depends on us, on what we sow throughout our working lives, or rather, on savings. We need to alert of this when state pensions are no longer secure.

Review Fire Movement: Financial Independence for Retirement.

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