Self Improvement is, also known as personal growth or personal development – is the process of evolution and transformation experienced by a person. By adopting new habits, ways of thinking, and qualities that allow them to achieve their goals and develop their full potential in various areas of life
Life is a bumpy road, an unpaved road. In the middle of a walk, you may encounter a herd of sheep blocking your path. Although it can also happen that the inclination is favourable and can go further. Self-improvement is facing the comings and goings to achieve personal satisfaction.
We grow and develop to adopt new habits, transform our thinking or reach a specific goal. However, the ultimate goal is always self-realization.

8 Characteristics of Self-Improvement

Self-improvement (also personal growth or personal development) is a process by which a person undergoes a transformation that allows them to evolve. In other words, it is the engine to achieve your goals, objectives, and dreams in any field.
Therefore, it allows individuals to adopt new behaviours, modify their ideas or establish new routines to lead them to their best version. At least, the one, the person, wants to reach.
Self-improvement has a series of characteristics that act as a common denominator regardless of the person:
1. It is not exclusive to a certain age and can occur at any stage of life.
2. It contemplates a long-term evolution that is continuously worked on, day by day.
3. It requires will, self-discipline and dedication.
4. It implies leaving the comfort zone and leaving behind harmful habits and erroneous beliefs.
5. It entails a change of mentality and attitude.
6. It requires learning gained through mistakes.
7. It has no limit. A person can continue to progress throughout his life.
8. It contemplates an exercise of establishing goals and constant visualization of them to have a clear image of the future.

Benefits of self-improvement

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The last lines already offer a clue of what self-improvement means for people. But we want to dedicate a space solely to its benefits. So undoubtedly you will want to include it in your life.


Self-improvement increases motivation levels. The more we know each other, the better we can define what we want to change. We can safely choose our goals and, at the same time, decide how to achieve them. In short, we feel more eager and more vigorous to achieve what we set out to do.


We talk about creativity in finding the best formulas to overcome the obstacles we can find before reaching the goal. Our demands and efforts materialize in solutions to achieve the objective.

Emotional Intelligence

The understanding and expression of emotions are essential in all areas of life. With self-improvement, we enhance it because we learn to reinterpret situations and adapt to them. It is one of the most in-demand capabilities today.
The process of self-improvement translates into multiple benefits for the person, among which the following stand out:

  • Better life quality
  • Greater appreciation for life
  • Human development
  • Professional development
  • Better interpersonal relationships
  • Optimism
  • self-knowledge
  • self-realization and wholeness
  • better self-esteem

By overcoming yourself and feeling better about yourself, various aspects of your life will change, and you will inevitably become a more positive, self-confident, and competent person.

Tips for Personal Growth – Self Improvement

As we have said, self-improvement is a path travelled throughout life. Going beyond the goals is not easy because it requires efforts and changes, but we can assure you that it will be worth trying.
To get to your dream destination, imagine it. Then concrete and define your objectives. Think about what you need to achieve them and what resources are available to you. Look from the positive side, but don’t overlook the viability of your project.

With this previous analysis, you will be able to detect bad habits or thoughts that obstruct your route; eliminating them is one step to achieving the goal. See problems as to facts and turn them into opportunities.

Values and Motivation for Self-Improvement

1. Prudence Overcoming yourself does not mean letting yourself approved away by impatience but nurturing the prudence of coordinating reason and heart to meditate on the right decision.
2. Courage What can you offer to live today? What are you willing to do to make this journey worthwhile? Try to ask yourself these questions in the morning.
3. Constancy There are many difficulties that you will come across during your life. If you throw in the towel at each problem, you will accumulate a lot of incomplete challenges. What are you going to do then?
4. Modesty You not only have strengths, but you also have limits. In that case, you can cultivate your virtues because even the greatest of talents get stuck at some point if not upgraded.
5. Internal motivation The actual reason to implement self-improvement is not external but internal. It is born from your commitment to become your best version.

Fears that Prevent you from Overcoming Yourself

These fears act as obstacles to self-improvement. If we identify them, we will be able to continue on our path of knowledge and improvement.

Fear of Error

Life is not an exam in which a particular grade measures every action. The outstanding is implicit in the desire to fight for a noble purpose. What’s yours?

Fear of the Unknown

Beyond that known scenario, you can create a new reality in the plane of action. That which is unknown to you today will at some point be familiar to you if you walk in that direction. Therefore, relativize.

Fear of Ridicule

How many things have you stopped doing in your life due to this fear? Answer this question honestly and promise yourself that this will not happen again.

Fear of Losing

Also, consider the opposite option. You may have something to lose, but you also have something to gain: learning, emotions, and a new vision.

Fear of Fear

It is not a pun but a vicious circle that leads you to avoid decisions for the simple fact of putting all the weight before the discomfort of fear itself.


It shows a person’s ability through their intelligence and dedication to achieve their goals and grow as a person.
In other words, you have all the necessary resources within you to achieve your goals. For example, perseverance, tenacity, patience, capacity for sacrifice, and passion are qualities that directly accompany the will in self-improvement

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