Hi, I hope you are doing well. Peasant cuisine is the traditional food of the working class, made from simple, locally-sourced ingredients. It is often characterized by its use of hearty, filling dishes made to be affordable and sustainable.

Peasant cuisine is often associated with a particular region or country, and the specific dishes eaten will vary depending on the local climate, culture, and availability of ingredients. However, some common themes run through peasant cuisines around the world.

Peasant cuisine is often seen as simple and rustic but can also be incredibly delicious and satisfying. And it is often a reflection of the ingenuity and creativity of the people who created it.

Regions With The Best Peasant Cuisine In Colombia

Peasant Cuisine Part of a country’s history can tell from its gastronomy, therefore, RTVC has given space to travel through Colombia through peasant cuisine. From the areas, created by the natives, to the tamales of Tolima, they are part of our essence.

“Country Cuisine, flavors and Knowledge of Colombia” is a unique space that seeks to honor and recognize the gastronomic practices and traditions of 10 country regions.

This program seeks to recognize the gastronomic practices and knowledge of the rural areas of the country, exalting the agricultural wealth of the national territory and ancestors as fundamental factors of identity and belonging based on the food that is prepared and consumed daily in Colombian homes. . . .

At Canal Institutional, we offer you a top 5 culinary destinations, with the best peasant cuisine in our country.

The Delights Of Antioquia (Bandera Paisa)

This country department is located in the Colombian Andean region, characterized by its beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, and warmth of its people. The peculiarity of their accent makes the Antiqueness known all over the world.

Another aspect that makes them known internationally is their famous paisa platter. We have to go back about 70 years to talk about this dish.

The name of this preparation was born in Bogotá in 1950 during a meeting of Cotillo (Association Hotel era y Touristic de Colombia), when its delegates created their manual of typical Colombian dishes and discovered that the department of Antioquia had no no ordinary word, but had a preparation they called “dry” and decided to call it “paisa platter”.

This traditional dish is extraordinary since it comprises different ingredients produced in the region.

Picking the ingredients directly from their fields and cooking with firewood, the families of Antioquia proudly prepare this delicious dish loved by all Colombians and even desired by foreigners.

The Peasant Cuisine Of Montes De María (Sancho De Gallian)

Between the departments of Bolívar and Sucre, in the Colombian Caribbean, lies the sub-region of Montes de María, a territory of agricultural and livestock tradition which, due to its geographical location, is a large corridor that connects much of the country to the Caribbean region and some of its major ports.

The peasant families of Monetary include the scooch de gallian criolla in their daily diet, a traditional dish, since all its ingredients are produced in the field and planted by themselves.

Among its ingredients is the yam. It is tuber rich in protein and vitamin C. And also the most produced and cultivated food in the region. When yam is added to scooch, it gives it an exquisite consistency and is ready to eat.

From Llano To All Of Colombia (From Meat To Female Dog)

The eastern plain is known for its music and magnificent sunsets. And also is a Colombian region of 4 departments: Arauca, Casanare, Vichada, and Meta. This place, known for its solid breeding and exquisite barbecue, has much to offer the country in its gastronomy.

Female dog meat is one of those stunning preparations taught from generation to generation, according to the residents of San Martín de Loss Llanos. And also, in Meta, it is essential to prepare the cowhide, which is sewn like a pillowcase. And also to put the meat inside and thus be able to cook it.

This habit dates back to when cowboys prepared meat for the dog. And also, it is most convenient to prepare it in the middle of the mountain. It since a hole made in the ground. And also the meat wrapped in the cowhide bag and charcoal lit on top. Without pots, they had to be recursive to cook the proteins.

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