Sedentary Lifestyle?

Sedentary lifestyle, which we perform as sitting or lying while awake, and we use very little energy.

The sedative periods are periods in which these activities that consume very little energy are Carrie out, e.g. B. while sitting, at work or school, in the home environment and in leisure.

What is the Difference Between an Assessable Lifestyle  Inactivity?

We should not confuse a session lifestyle with inactivity.

Join in the same person. Inactive people do not achieve the recommendations of physical activity; For example, an adult who carries less than 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of modest physical activity per week would be an inactive person, but this does not mean that they are sewing. However, it is customary for both concepts.

A physically active person may also happen (that is, according to the recommendations) because they spend a lot of time sitting at work.

Small or no practice of physical activity in youth is not only dangerous for health but also leads to a series of problems (little physical fitness, the lowest self-esteem. An imperfect body picture, more susceptibility to addicts, etc.), so you should start. They work hard so that teenagers are more active, which they influence enormously, so they have a less stressful and healthier adult life (González Arratia et al., 2009).

Montel (2005) warn that children are usually physically active. And also  which reduces their practice of physical activities as they grow and board youth. This situation is remarkable in girls. Considering this learning. Which is consolidated and strengthened during the youthful stage, it is vital to cooperate with this age group before reducing or developing sedative diseases. It is also an age that changes that can influence or consolidate sports and physical habits. It is vital in high schools that physical education is fundamental as an element as the other activities carried out in this area.

In addition, this phase of socialization characterizes by significant changes in the interests and experiences that share them. For most, within that time, children’s games are abandoned if they integrate activities that feature the youthful entrance stage.

The Investigation of the Sedentary Lifestyle

And physical activity is a matter and has led to numerous research in recent years. Among them, only one of Van der Horst et al. 2007) Authors argue that the reduction in physical activity with the age of one of the most significant. Discoveries could be related to the hormonal activity of the subjects.

In any case, this decline in exercise levels of sports activities is in the beginning. And also at the end of the youth. In summary. It observes that only a minimum percentage of young people carry out the amount. Of physical activity require by the various organizations. And also institutions dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle

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