Western Lifestyle Obesity is a disease whose prevalence has doubled in just over three decades, resulting in more than 600 million overweight adults living in 2014 in the world, 11% of all men and 19% of women. All women over 18 on the planet. An increase that could explain after a new examination by accepting the so-called Western Lifestyle in many countries worldwide.

And is what in the researchers of the University of Shandong in Jinan (China) and published in the magazine “European Journal of Preventive Cardiology”, which shoo the prevalence of obesity in children and adolescents in China, of only 1%. In 1985, 9% created in 2014 in the case of minors and up to 17% in children and adolescents due to the implementation of a Western lifestyle.

China for climbing in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and the popularity of the Western Lifestyle Many lives claim. When Jeep Perk, Speaker of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) on cardiovascular prevention, explains: “The data is extremely worrying, it is the worst explosion of childhood and obesity of young people I’ve seen the study is considerable and very. Well developed so that it can not ignore.

More Fat, Fewer Strength.

In the study, the weight and the height of a total of 27,840 students, the authors took the course of the Body Mass Index (BMI) of the school-age population of the Chinese province of Shandong between 1985 and 2014 and for them, they aged between 7 and 18 Years of rural areas of Shandong.

The Results Are More Than Alarming, Catastrophic

In more petite women, the prevalence of overweight decreased by 1.45% and 0.12% in 1985 A or 13.1% and 9.11%. A situation that is even more concerned, if possible, is the case of children and adolescents whose prevalence of obesity and obesity is 0.74% and 0.03% in 1985, or 16.35% and 17, 20% in 2014.

After Ying-Xu Zhang, Head of Study, “China is a predominantly agricultural country, and our results have enormous effects on the entire nation. The increase in obesity and obesity advise with the increase in economic resources in households Rural. We hope that this trend continues in the coming decades in both Shandong Province and other country regions. ”

And in this context, Ying-Xu Zhang says, “China has experienced speedy nutrition and socio-economic changes in the last 30 years. Today, the Chinese population is eating more and less physically active than in the past. In addition, the traditional Chinese diet has changed to a rich in fat and calories and much poorer fiber.

Expensive Children

Likewise, the results also show higher rates of obesity and obesity in male minors than in girls and adolescents. Some differences, which in the authors’ opinion, “could be given by the preferential treatment of humans.”

As the head of the study indicates, “traditional, social preference, especially in rural areas, has been for the children. A fact that could translate into children could enjoy family resources to be more significant. And besides, children may prefer bodies bigger than girls. ”

In this sense, the National Survey for Youth-led to risk behavior as in Asian giants in 2005 revealed that 4.3% of children, compared to 2.5% of the girls, often consume sugar drinks, such as 17.5% of children, compared to 4.3. The% of the girls spent more than two hours a day playing with their computers and consoles.

But how JOEP Perk says

They are not video games that are the problem. They are the children with two bottles of 2-litre soda sitting and burn. And also all the calories they would have to run 46 kilometers.

In the same way, the authors also indicate the prevalence of overweight and obesity. However, they raise in all minors, is emphasizing greater in the case of children, ranging from 7 to 12 years, in which young people between 13 and 18 years , old. A fact that has mostly to do with physical appearance. As Ying-Xu Zhang alludes: “As a rule, young people pay more attention to their silhouette and practice more than children.”

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