Superfoods are the new panacea for consumers. We see them in all healthy restaurants and on their plates. Vegetable or fruit bowls, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, juices, slices of bread and desserts.

What are Superfoods, or why are they called that?

High nutrients, vitamins, acids, minerals, and protein provide health benefits. These foods have become the obsession of healthy users. But is there any real contribution to Health, or is it just marketing

For the past two years, names like kale, chia, and quinoa have been on every healthy food menu and recipe as part of a diet that allows you to feel satisfied when eating a richly flavored dish. In 2017, acai, a blueberry-like fruit, was the star of bowls shared by bloggers and celebrities on social media.

We made it our assignment to look into some myths and realities of superfoods.

So, you can best incorporate them into your dishes and preparations with the most decadent combinations.

Myths Eating them is a Complete Diet

The reality is that you would need to add 100 grams of chia seeds to a dish to get the same amount of omega-three as a slice of salmon.

So, this high level of good fats can achieve by just eating chia.

The nutrients in these foods are not a complete substitute for a full diet of other fruits.

Vegetables, and some meats, as all of these could also be superfoods.

The nutrients in superfoods non absorb through consumption. Some of them want to be joined with other foods to absorb their properties. For example, you can best use quinoa by combining it with a dairy product.

Only Superfoods

This name is more a matter of marketing than purely scientific evidence, as many experts and nutritionists agree that the benefits of these foods create in others as well. Maybe not in identical amounts, but they are, and they provide the same nutrients together.

For example, the beta-carotene in carrots is more bioavailable (we can use it better and in greater quantity) when eaten with a fatty food than in other superfoods.

Reality Fresh or Pure

The nutrients best worried raw, cooked as little as possible and eaten very fresh.

To keep their properties intact and facilitate their absorption by the body, according to the article The Whole Truth About Superfoods published by the Spanish newspaper El País. Due to the practicality of this preparation, bowls with super grains as ingredients are becoming increasingly popular.

Its Components Improve Health

It is a fact that the properties of these foods contribute to Health, but never as the sole components of a balanced diet. Therefore, when it comes to including them in your menus, you must remember a balance between them and other foods with similar characteristics, which your customers will appreciate.

They add Style to your Preparations

Healthy foods with unusual flavors appeal to millennial and healthy consumers because they fit their lifestyles. But we must not forget that this consumer is a better-informed guest who is price and quality sensitive. We can’t deny that all of these fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains are trending, but we have to take what works best for our business and our customers to offer the best option.

Review Traditions and Realities of Superfoods.

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