Newsroom One way to break the reporting barriers is to create your newsroom that lives on your website and cover topics of interest to influencers, investors, decision-makers, and other key audiences.

At Nutanix, we created one in May 2019 called The Forecast. Through authentic journalistic storytelling, our newsroom aims to raise awareness of the people and trends shaping the future of IT, especially in a time of dramatic change and digital transformation.

It has allowed us to share new ideas, attract more people to our website, engage with potential customers and start discussions on essential trends and technology issues.

You can also create a news site (and I highly recommend it!), but building a website from scratch takes strategy, dedication, and constant collaboration. For anyone wanting to know where to share, here’s what our team has learned so far.

Create Specific Goals and a Global Vision.

The best marketers set clear goals and stick to them; Marketers who set goals are

Setting goals for your news site is no exception, so take the time to articulate them clearly.

When we set out to create The Forecast, we wrote specific goals and an outline of what we hoped to create. These objectives included: 1) informing readers and helping them overcome fears and apprehensions about the rapid pace of technological innovation, 2) focusing on the future through expert interviews and thought-leader insights into how information technology works

Data is transforming our world and 3) reaching existing and engaging audiences beyond traditional PR and demand generation marketing efforts.

We also shared these goals with crucial Nutanix stakeholders to gain their support for the investment and align with what we hoped to achieve. Before starting a project like this, communicate closely with key stakeholders about a vision to ensure everyone is on the same page on the potential impact and reach of the site.

Focus Content on People

Instead of focusing on headlines and breaking news, take a step back and consider what story elements are most attractive to your key audiences.

As we pondered what would resonate best with potential Forecast readers, we found a common thread we could keep throughout our articles: focusing on people. We wanted to humanize complex concepts and bring to life anecdotes and personal analogies of the interviewees.

To create this human-centric content, we conducted extensive interviews with Nutanix experts, customers, partners, and IT leaders across industries to uncover angles and perspectives on the story. We’re not just talking about the article’s topic (if it’s about a specific person). We’re talking to people you know from working with them and who can share unique information about the way they work, their particular personalities and experiences. We know your passions, yours

Key Issues and your Long-Term Goals.

We’re discovering that despite the shrinking media landscape, people are still interested in reading compelling stories about the intersection of people and technology. By creating non-promotional, human-centric content, you can also differentiate yourself from your company blog articles or internal marketing materials by attracting more viewers to your news site to read journalistic stories.

Use a Mix of Media and Get Creative

While news sites are primarily journalistic, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with new ways to reach different audiences. For example, consider embedding videos and podcasts on your website.

Podcasts have grown in popularity over the years: statistics show that the number of people listening to a podcast at least once a week increased by 17% between 2018 and 2019. Therefore, it is essential to know your audience consuming your content. By creating a single podcast show or ongoing series, you can reach audiences across a variety of podcast platforms, and this podcast

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