News Business News agencies are constantly reinventing themselves to make news a profitable product. such they follow outstanding strategies to keep promoting themselves and producing great content.

Journalism is difficult, especially in the digital age, as information can be copied, shared, and multiplied in seconds. Despite the detail that some media have managed to set up paywalls and profitable subscriptions in the last few ages, the industry requires constant innovation to cover the costs and salaries of companies.

So it is no coincidence that a growing trend is the so-called “journalism as a service,” which harnesses the usefulness of information generated on websites, newspapers, and magazines. Here are some companies that started this and other great for-profit ideas.

Pro Publican News Business

At the start of this section, the phrase “Tell your own story with data from ProPublica” appears. This independent platform has its data warehouse, where journalists process their information on health, criminal justice, education, politics, business, environment and other topics. Some of the documentation is free and the more specialized has a cost.

The Market News Business

This writing, which questions how institutions use technology to change society, aims to work in the service of the public. With this mission, they launched the Black light tool, which lets users see how a website crawls them, and Simple Search, an extension that only shows organic content on Google and removes advertising.

Markup solutions are an exception here, as they are entirely free. Yet they are a perfect example of how journalism can reorient itself and develop products.

Rolling Stone

Music’s most iconic magazine, Rolling Stone, has launched an exclusive program that allows you to write on their site in exchange for $ 2,000. The benefits they offer are industry connections, visibility and impact. Potential members of a sort of “cultural council” were contacted by e-mail; the profile sought by the media is that of opinion leaders of more amateur level, such as influencers. Of course, those who wish to participate must go through a selection process and pay a registration fee of $ 500, in addition to the 2,000 per year already mentioned.


Finally, this site specializing in content on technology, “also sells” its graphics on significant technology companies. Subscribers have access to drawings in the middle. And Also which can be helpful for organizations looking to analyze competition, business contacts, and potential hires.

Why is it helpful to know this? Access to reliable information “in a world where fake news abounds” is essential for students and teachers at universities, startups, hospitals and even tech giants (in short, everyone involved in “The knowledge economy”

The databases with which journalists and reporters work can be essential to fighting against the disinformation that circulates daily in the digital ecosystem. And also debate arises when the original editorial product goes into business

Is there a risk that the profession’s ethics will be lost? Some companies fear that their reputation will be tarnished by participating in this type of practice;

Is non the first time I ask about the pressure on a small medium like this, whose primary source of income is advertising. But this continues to surprise me, as the forces are no different from those experienced by other newspapers.

There has never been journalism without pressure. The media are subject to influences: corporate, advertisers, politicians and publishers. There is self-censorship. And also which is nothing but internal forces from the journalist not to upset the editor or the media owner.

Any journalist will recognize these scenes that take place in newsrooms. The look of astonishment and fear on the editor’s face when a reporter tells him the story he’s working . And also on that touches an influential businessman. The editor tries to convince the editor that the news focus is not correct. And also after speaking with the communications manager.

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