12 Incredible and Easy Tricks for a Perfect Eyeliner

Eyeliner Like most girls, I love having eyeliner that dazzles. I rarely leave the house without eyeliner, and when I don’t, I feel naked. I’ve been using pencil eyeliner for many years because it’s so easy to apply, but I envy girls who can achieve a cat-eye look with liquid or gel eyeliner.

Applying eyeliner can be a little tricky, especially when you’re trying to do it like a pro. That’s why we share these 18 tricks for a perfect eyeliner. It’s time to. A leave mistakes behind because you need to draw a straight line or do with tape and show even more beautiful eyes.


One of the eyeliners makes your work easier, but sometimes the line is not drawn as thickly as with liquid or gel eyeliners.


The tip of gel eyeliners glides on very quickly. Sometimes they can be found in a small boat accompanied by a brush.


This type of eyeliners for its precision. The usually in the form of a pen with a brush tip. Although it can take a while for the line to dry after application, great. Different it colors can create different effects on your eyes.

Luckily is an easy method to fix the problem in simple steps

Sit down Rest your elbow on a flat surface

Put your little finger on your cheek and try to stabilize yourself as much as possible, this will help you make fewer mistakes. If you’re just starting with liquid it , make a few dots and then connect them.

You can also do the same but with hyphens.

Try not to stretch your skin when applying the eyeliner.

Applying some makeup or concealer can help remove excess

You can use a little eyeshadow to fill in the line of the Kajal pencil.

Also, try applying eyeliners under your eyes.

It’s much easier to get a cat eye style eyeliner with this trick

Use masking tape as a guide for a beautiful cat eyeliner.

Use the edges of a spoon to level in a few minutes.

If your eyeliners is crumbling, try freezing it for 10 minutes before applying.

Use a nude eyeliners to cover blemishes or to contour your line.

Use the edge of a card to get the end of a perfect outline

Create a template to facilitate the design of your eyeliners

Using an eyeshadow and liner brush will help you create a softer look.

Review How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly.

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