Pune, a dynamic metropolis that blends history and modernity, has a thriving real estate environment rife with opportunity. The city’s attraction stems from the high demand for 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK properties for sale in Pune that cater to various lifestyles. With its solid infrastructure, job opportunities, and active cultural scene, Pune is an enticing destination for people looking for residences that perfectly blend comfort, convenience, and urban elegance. Let’s get through premium, luxury, and affordable options for Properties for sale in Pune

1. Pate Surajya Apartment

The Pate Surajya Apartments on Sinhagad Road in Pune, Maharashtra, beckon with contemporary living. This prestigious residential properties for sale in Pune provides residences with a built-up size of 835 sq. ft. and a tranquil carpet area of 722 sq. ft. It embraces the northerly charm, ensuring natural light throughout. With space for both bikes and cars, it exemplifies convenience and comfort, making it a perfect home for discriminating homeowners.

Price Range: The 2 BHK affordable flats for sale in Pune cost 32 lakh rupees.

Location: Pate Surajya Apartments are strategically located in a community with educational opportunities, such as Elixir Spoken English Classes and Ace School for Professional Studies. Parents might find comfort in neighbouring options such as Little Hearts Day Care and Nursery. In addition, Jeevan Medical & General Stores, Srujan Maternity & Nursing Home, and Rakshak Multi-Specialty Hospital are all within walking distance.

Amenities: Pate Surajya Apartments have convenient parking for bikes and vehicles, ensuring residents’ convenience and accessibility.

2. Oasis CHS Apartment

Oasis CHS Apartments are located in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, directly across from the Pimpri Nilakh Bus Stop. These properties for sale in Pune ensure comfort by providing spacious homes with a built-up size of 950 sq. ft. and a calm carpet space of 757 sq. ft. It is convenient because it has designated covered parking. It symbolises an excellent balance of accessibility and modern lifestyle, with vital amenities within a 2-kilometre radius.

Price Range: These 2 BHK affordable flats for sale in Pune cost 66 lakh rupees.

Location: Oasis CHS Apartments are strategically located and provide access to entertainment hotspots like PVR Cinemas Pimpri, Inox, and Vishal E-Square for the latest movie releases. In addition, neighbouring establishments, including Transcool Agro Mall, BIPICO, and Gajanan Complex, meet various lifestyle needs and guarantee that residents can easily access shopping and entertainment.

Amenities: Some of the key characteristics at Oasis CHS Apartments that guarantee a safe and comfortable living environment for tenants are allocated guest parking, gas pipelines, fire safety precautions, sewage treatment plants, playgrounds, and areas for kids to play.

3. Shiv Sparsh Apartment 

Shiv Sparsh Apartments offer a peaceful lifestyle inside the tranquil limits of SAI SPARSH Society in Hadapsar, Fursungi, Dhamalwadi, Bhekrai Nagar, and Pune. This east-facing property for sale in Pune is approximately 480 square feet and exudes ease and accessibility. Its ideal location provides a tranquil sanctuary amid a lively area for those looking for a balanced blend of comfort and location advantage.

Price Range: The 1 BHK apartment for sale in Pune cost 23 lakh rupees.

Location: Shiv Sparsh Apartments are strategically located within a minute’s walk of essential areas such as Suiba Mangal Karyalay. Furthermore, Saswad Road is only a 9-minute away, and Dharmadhikari Hospital is only a 12-minute drive away. Furthermore, Vaibhav Theatre is only a 10-minute drive away, ensuring residents’ convenience and quick access to essential sites.

Amenities: Shiv Sparsh Apartments provide tenants with vital amenities such as lifts for convenience, internet connectivity, intercom facilities for communication, and rigorous security features, assuring a safe and connected living environment.

4. Suryaman House Apartment 

Suryaman House Apartments redefines spacious living apartments for sale in Pune, in the heart of Jagdishnagar, Sadhu Vaswani Nagar, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra. This residence has a built-up area of 1,629 sq. ft. and a carpet area of 1,303 sq. ft. It offers an outstanding combination of luxury and sophistication. It has an entrance lobby, three bedrooms with attached toilets, a store room, and expansive living and dining areas that merge seamlessly with the kitchen, dry balcony, and terrace.

Price Range: The three BHK premium apartments for sale in Pune cost 1.8 crore rupees.

Location: Suryaman House Apartments are within a minute’s walk of significant sites such as Audh Road National Society Gate Jawal. Khadki is only a 17-minute drive away, and Piles and Seva hospitals are only a 16-minute drive away. Furthermore, the E-Square Hotel is only a 12-minute away, ensuring convenience and access to neighbouring services.

Amenities: Suryaman House Apartments include vital amenities such as lifts for convenience, internet access for connectivity, strong security measures, and allocated visitor parking, offering a safe and connected living environment for residents and guests alike.

5. Majestique Towers East Apartment 

Majestique Towers East Apartments are located in the bustling neighbourhood of Kharadi in Pune, Maharashtra. This property has a built-up area of 1,390 sq. ft. and a carpet area of 980 sq. ft. With immediate possession available, this property ensures a smooth transition into a modern, large dwelling, offering discriminating homeowners an excellent blend of convenience and urban flair.

Price Range: The 3 BHK premium apartments for sale in Pune cost 1.35 crore rupees.

Location: Majestique Towers East Apartments are strategically located and provide access to vital destinations such as Wagheshwar Parking within a 13-minute drive. Kohakade Hospital is only 15 minutes away, while The Orbis School and PVR Cinemas are only 22 and 20 minutes away, respectively, guaranteeing residents easy access to healthcare, education, and entertainment alternatives.

Amenities: Majestique Towers East Apartments provide a variety of amenities, such as lifts for convenience, a gym, clubhouse, swimming pool, children’s play area, robust security measures, a park, a sewage treatment plant, and designated visitor parking, ensuring residents and guests have a well-rounded and enjoyable living experience.

6. Vaidehi Enclave Bungalow Housing Society Apartment 

Vaidehi Enclave Bungalow Housing Society Apartments exemplify luxury living near Vaidehi Enclave Road. This finely created residence oozes refinement, with a built-up space of 2,519 sq. ft. and a magnificent carpet area of 2,027 sq. ft. Its exquisite craftsmanship, spaciousness, luxury, and extensive furnishings create a welcoming atmosphere. Its location next to society’s garden provides discerning homeowners with a perfect blend of comfort and serenity.

Price Range: The 3 BHK luxury apartments for sale in Pune cost 3.5 crore rupees.

Location: Vaidehi Enclave Bungalow Housing Society Apartments are strategically located and close to essential conveniences. Aditya Shagun Mall is only a 5-minute drive away, while Krishna Hospital is only 14 minutes away. Furthermore, Daffodil is only a 3-minute drive away, and City Pride is only a 21-minute drive away, guaranteeing residents easy access to shopping, healthcare, entertainment, and leisure opportunities.

Amenities: Vaidehi Enclave Bungalow Housing Society Apartments have essential amenities such as internet access, a children’s play area, rigorous security measures, a park, and allocated visitor parking, ensuring tenants and guests a safe, connected, and happy living environment.

7. Tribeca the Ark Apartment

Tribeca’s The Ark, located near Voyage To The Stars on NIBM Post Office Rd, Kondhwa, Pune, is the epitome of luxurious living. This home marvel exemplifies visual grandeur externally and oozes mesmerising aesthetics in the interior, setting new standards for sumptuous living within a spectacular architectural canvas spanning a massive built-up area of 3,718 sq Ft and a rich carpet area of 2,600 Sq.Ft.

Price Range: The 4 BHK luxury apartments for sale in Pune cost 3.24 crore rupees.

Location: Tribeca The Ark Apartments are conveniently positioned among significant attractions. Salunke Vihar is only a 7-minute drive away, while Noble Hospital is only a 9-minute drive away. Furthermore, INOX is just a 13-minute drive away, and Saswad Road is only a 29-minute drive away, guaranteeing residents have easy access to healthcare, entertainment, and transportation.

Amenities: Tribeca The Ark Apartments have essential amenities such as lifts for convenience, a gym, internet access, a clubhouse, and a children’s play area, ensuring residents have a well-rounded and delightful living experience.

6. Sobha Nesara Apartment

Sobha Nesara Apartments redefine luxury living in Paud Rd, Chandni Chowk, near Ved Vihar Ganesh Mandir and opposite Lohia Jain IT Park. These houses have a substantial built-up size of 2,633 Sq. Ft. and an attractive carpet area of 1,873 sq.Ft, with plenty of space for car and bike parking. This calm hideaway flawlessly blends comfort, spaciousness, and convenience, providing a peaceful haven for discriminating residents.

Price Range: The 4 BHK luxury apartments for sale in Pune cost 3.36 crore rupees.

Location: Sobha Nesara Apartments near entertainment hubs such as Marathon Zindagi and Nau Grah Mandir, ensuring quick access to the latest movies. Furthermore, adjacent retail places such as Aditya Shagun Mall, Shree Laxmi Enterprises, and Amir Chicken serve various needs, giving residents multiple options for gifts or personal indulgence, boosting their convenience and lifestyle.

Amenities: Sobha Nesara Apartments have necessary amenities such as lifts for convenience, a gym, clubhouse, swimming pool, fire safety measures, robust security provisions, and a park, offering a well-equipped and secure living environment for tenants.

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