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Garden Write For Us

Garden Write For Us

Garden Write For Us – Are you looking for an opening for sharing your professional ideas, experiences, expertise, or creativity with other small greenhouse growers? You’ve come to the right place! We’re always seeking new authors to contribute their knowledge on various topics, including indoor and outdoor growing, different gardening techniques, preventing and treating pests and diseases, social-environmental concerns, and more.

Real Simple Blog has no plant discrimination; we love them all. Writing about your hands-on experience and providing tips and guidelines for success gets extra points. We want to hear from you if you can help people and be better growers!

We aim to give our readers the correct and creative information about gardening. As a writer for Real Simple Blog, you will have the break to contribute to our mission of promoting supportable gardening practices and inspiring others to connect with gardening. Join us as we work to make the planet healthier and greener. If you’re a talented writer who wants to share your gardening knowledge, please assist us in offering the best gardening information and helping our site grow.

Topics We Publish

Real Simple Blog publishes News articles, the newest fashion and food blogs, and articles related to health, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, gardening, environment, healthy living,  Seed saving, Living off the land, Self Sufficiency, Growing your food, Prepping and Architecture design ideas Home Decor, And Interior design ideas for every festival and occasion, Home improvement designs, Internet, traveling blogs, business, money and many other trending stories on our website. We seek talented and passionate content writers and experts for the Real Simple Blog.

How To Submit An Article?

To Submit Your Articles, you can email us at

About Garden

About Garden

A garden is a designated area, usually outdoors, set aside for the cultivation, pleasure, or display of plants and other elements of nature. It is the perfect backdrop for communal or solitary human life. Even the wildest natural garden may be known by only one characteristic: control. Both organic and artificial materials got in the garden.

It is one of the countless accessible outdoor eateries run by volunteers with charitable intentions to offer nutritious, balanced meals for insects, birds, and other animals. Gardening can be considered a science that encompasses the principles and methods of plant production and an art that focuses on placing plants in harmony with their surroundings.

Three Types Of Gardens

Flower gardens

While the plants produced in flower gardens may change from country to country, the fundamental planning and concepts are essentially the same, whether the gardens are formal or informal. The foundation of an expertly planned flower garden is trees and plants. The places for herbaceous plants, annuals, and bulbs are typically prepared around these permanent features after arranging them.

Woodland gardens

The shady “wilderness” of former times gave way to the unformal woodland garden by natural progression. The woodland garden’s core is its casualness and naturalness. Instead of being straight, paths are curved and made of mulch or grass rather than pavement. Trees shrunk to provide room for light, especially in meadows, but a mature tree with character can serve as a focal point if irregular groups are left.

Water gardens

One of the earliest types of gardening is the water garden. Its variety includes formal pools with rectangular or circular shapes, occasionally with fountains in the middle, and frequently without plants or with only one or two water lilies (Nymphaea). As well as informal pools with irregular shapes that are planted with water lilies and other water plants and surrounded by soggy or damp soil where moisture-tolerant plants can be grown. The collection must include the appropriate oxygenating plants to preserve the water clearly and support any fish introduced. Most aquatic plants, especially the vast water lilies, thrive in calm water that is two to five feet deep.

Why Write for Real Simple Blog – Garden Write For Us

Why Write for Real Simple Blog – Garden Write For Us

Requirements For Articles In Real Simple Blog

  • Languages: We accept articles in English. There have many chances for you in English, come on, and write us your good ideas.
  • Originality: The articles must be original and related to gardening knowledge and must be send only to Real Simple Blog and not for private use elsewhere.
  • Logic: Article structure should be logical, not be made up, use rewriting tools, or imitate the work of others.
  • Word count: 600-1000 words is appropriate. If your article is over 1500 words, write them appropriately and use concise and explicit expressions.
  • Pictures: It is a good idea to insert 1-2 images related to the article’s topic, as they are good explanatory elements. But this is not mandatory. If you insert pictures, they should be clear, significant, and preferably original.

Benefits of Becoming a Regular Author for Garden Write For Us

  • You will get your own link to our site and author rights to every article you write.
  • You get excellent exposure to a continually expanding global audience.
  • Receive credit and appreciation from a dedicated audience for now and at least the next few years in the digital world.
  • Make a difference in people’s lives worldwide by sharing your insights, observations, and also, good humor or posting photos of watching the grass grow.
  • Inbound link: You can significantly raise your SERP ranking by acquiring high-quality natural backlinks (do-follow links). Moreover, Google will see this relationship as natural, clearing your website of consequences.

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Guidelines of the Article – Garden Write For Us

Guidelines of the Article – Garden Write For Us

You can send your article to

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