Who Dies in Guardians Of The Galaxy 3?


Several characters die in Guardians of the Galaxy Phase 5 Vol. 3, although they may not be the characters many would have expected. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 marked James Gunn’s final project with Marvel Studios and the final journey of the original Guardians of the Galaxy team, banding together once again to save Rocket’s life by exploring his history.

Many expected Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to feature several major deaths as the Guardians’ final adventure in the MCU, which raised some eyebrows following the film’s release on May 5, 2023.

According to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s release as part of the MCU’s Phase 5, the film’s trailers appeared to tease the deaths of many beloved characters, with Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord, Bradley Cooper’s Rocket, and Dave Bautista’s Drax the Destroyer.

Throughout the film, the primary members of the Guardians of the Galaxy come dangerously close to death several times but always manage to avoid their tragic fates.

Despite none of the Guardians of the Galaxy dying during their fourth solo MCU outing (following The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special), James Gunn still delivered a bittersweet farewell to the original Guardians team.

The Main Guardians Of The Galaxy didn’t die in Vol.3

The Main Guardians Of The Galaxy didn’t die in Vol.3

After audiences remain reintroduced to the Guardians of the Galaxy in the opening moments of Vol. 3, Will Poulter makes his debut as Adam Warlock, fulfilling the Sovereign’s threat of vengeance against the team after their loyalty act in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Warlock attacks the Guardians, wounding Nebula, Groot, Drax, Mantis, and Rocket, with the latter finding himself on the brink of death.

As the High Evolutionary created him, a kill switch was embedded inside Rocket’s body. Rendering the Guardians’ med-packs unusable, forcing them to embark on their mission to save Rocket’s life.

The rocket had several moments in which his life was in danger in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, and in one of the moments, he was seen interacting with his childhood friend, Lylla in the afterlife.

The Main Guardians Of The Galaxy didn’t die in Vol.3

Even so, Rocket’s life remains eventually saved by Peter Quill and Gamora. Drax comes close to death during a battle with Orgocorp’s Sentries. The Guardians remain almost eliminated during the destruction of Counter-Earth.

Star-Lord nearly freezes to death in space during the rescue of the High Evolutionary’s experiments, though Adam Warlock saves him. It means no Guardians of the Galaxy die during Vol. 3, though tensions are high throughout the film.

High Evolutionary Shoots Lylla

High Evolutionary Shoots Lylla

Despite none of the Guardians of the Galaxy was dead, Vol. 3 was still very emotional, as the few deaths featured in the movie were heartbreaking.

Flashbacks explore Rocket’s MCU backstory, including the experiments he remains subjected to by Chukwudi Iwuiji’s High Evolutionary and his early friendships, particularly his close bond with Lylla the Otter.

While escaping captivity, Lylla is shot and killed by the High Evolutionary, inciting Rocket’s anger towards his creator and leading to the future Guardians’ escape.

Rocket sees Lylla again in the afterlife but soon returns to his body, knowing this friend will await

The High Evolutionary’s Guards kill floor & Teefs

The High Evolutionary's Guards kill floor & Teefs

Along with Rocket and Lylla, other High Evolutionary experiments remain kept in cages, including the rabbit Floor and walrus Teefs. The four creatures form a close bond, but Teefs and Floor also tragically lose their lives during Rocket’s escape attempt.

After Lylla’s death, Rocket attacks the High Evolutionary, though guards soon interrupt him. While Rocket soon takes down the High Evolutionary’s henchmen, this isn’t before the guards shoot Teefs and Floor. The pair is glimpsed again in the afterlife, but Rocket’s time to join them isn’t yet.

Humanimals & Ayesha Die In The Destruction Of Counter-Earth

Humanimals & Ayesha Die In The Destruction Of Counter-Earth

After first appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Elizabeth Debicki’s High Priestess Ayesha and her Sovereign people remain revealed to have remained created by the High Evolutionary in Vol. 3. After Ayesha journeyed to Counter-Earth with her “son” Adam Warlock.

To acquire Rocket for the High Evolutionary, Warlock soon joined the Guardians of the Galaxy after his mother and the Animen population of Counter-Earth remained killed during Counter-Earth’s destruction.

It acted as a strong origin story for the heroic version of Adam Warlock. Still, it marked tragedy as the High Evolutionary committed genocide of the entire species he had created for Counter-Earth.

High Evolutionary Survives The Destruction Of His Ship

High Evolutionary Survives The Destruction Of His Ship

The High Evolutionary was an addition to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Though it seemed as though the villain died amid the ship’s destruction.

Losing this powerful and terrifying MCU character would have been a shame. After being beaten by the Guardians, he remains believed to have died.

But James Gunn confirmed that the High Evolutionary survived Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and remained imprisoned in Knowhere.

During the film’s final moments, Drax can remain seen carrying the High Evolutionary’s body onto Knowhere, creating the opportunity for the complex and sinister villain to return in the MCU’s future.

Will the Guardians Ever All Return?

  • Given that none of the Guardians died in the third film. It is constantly a possibility that the cherished characters could come back, even as cameos or as a past life flashback.
  • Yondu, who did decease in the 2nd film, cameoed in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and the late Stan Lee, Thor, and Ego all seemed in photos in the credits.
  • They do say in the film that “the galaxy still wants its Guardians,” hence Rocket’s new team. Plus, the words “the legendary Star-Lord will return” do not leave too much in the air.