https // tnc apply : The consumer must purchase the Cadbury Dairy Milk Wish Pack (MRP Rs.10) to enter the challenge and have a chance to win exciting prizes such as free Jio data, mobile smartphones, free Rs. 50 / – Cashback by Cadbury Dairy Milk Wishpack Campaign T & Cs.

  • Customers can make a missed call at 1800-889-1000. Consumers can click on the link in the automatically generated received SMS to deliver the ring that will lead them to the Wish Pack campaign on the web or in My Jio.
  • The consumer must print the code in the package at https // tnc apply, or in My Jio (Cadbury Dairy Milk Wish Pack on the Jio Engage website).
  • All valid items with the correct codes will have a chance to win exciting prizes during the campaign period following the campaign conditions. tnc apply: Live updates

https___t.jio_cadburywishpack tnc apply_ Live updates

Jio India launched this campaign. Please read these T&C before participating in this redemption offer.

After purchasing the latest Cadbury Park package, you will need to submit a unique code on the Jio Engage offer page, where you will receive an 8-digit package redemption code https // tnc apply . After sending this code, you will receive a special reward from Jio.

Jio Dairy Milk Wish Pack – get 4 GB of data, phone, cashback 50 Rs

1) For first, Jio users, members, and subscribers will visit the nearest grocery store/market

2) There Buy Rs.10 Dairy Milk Wish Pack Cadbury

3) Open the package and enjoy Cadbury; inside the box, you will get a unique code Jio Cadbury https // tnc to apply

4) Now, all users are updating my Jio app from the Play Store or App Store

5) Open the application login using your Jio number

6) The “Next” options are on the My Jio home screen.

7) Then click on the “Jio Engage” Options to open

8) In the first position, you will get “Offer for Banner offer for milk – click on it

9) Open the page and accept the conditions

10) Request an 8-digit Cadbury code, enter the code and send it

11) You will immediately see on your summary page what type of reward you have won

12) Rewards will be awarded within 45 days from the date of registration

Jio Cadbury Dairy Milk Type Wish List

  • Reward – 400 MB of 4G data
  • Reward – 1 GB of 4G data
  • The Reward – 4 GB of data for free
  • Reward – 50 ₹ Cashback
  • Change – Smartphone
  • Change – Voucher details

Offer a wish package with milk Jio Cadbury 2021

Organization: Mondelez India Foods PVT

Contest Name: Jio Cadbury Dairy Milk Wish Package / Campaign 2021

Available to: Residents of India

Deadline: April 15, 2021

Web:, https // tnc apply

Jio Cadbury Dairy Milk Pack Campaign: How to Participate?

To attend the Cadbury Dairy Milk Wish Pack promotion, you must purchase a 13.2 gram Cadbury Milk Wish Pack that costs Rs 10. Once you have purchased the package, save your unique code. Here’s how to get involved:

The first step is to call this toll-free number 1800-889-1000 or visit https // tnc apply

Customers will now receive an automatically generated SMS that will take them to MyJio. If no MyJio app is installed on your phone, you will be forwarded to the Google Play Store or Apps Store to download the MyJio app or click on https // tnc apply

Open MyJio and enter the printed code in the package on the Cadbury Dairy Milk Wish Pack in MyJio in the Jio Engage section or https // tnc apply

All valid entries with the correct codes will be eligible for prizes during the competition.


During this Wishpack consumer event, there are a total of 5,771,740 Mondelez-sponsored prizes for competitors, which we have declared to be the winners. Participants can win the following prizes PRIZE DESCRIPTION PRIZE CAP TOTAL PRIZES
1 Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A10s) 1 per day 60
2 Rs.50 Cashback (In Paytm wallet / Amazon wallet etc./ UPI / Bank Transfer) 1 per hour 1,440
3 Jio 4 GB Data 6 per hour 8,640
4 Jio 2 GB Data 45 per hour 64,800
5 Jio 1 GB Data 45 per hour 64,800
6 Jio 500 MB Data 120 per minute 1,72,800
7 Jio 100 MB Data 180 per minute 2,59,200
TOTAL 5,71,740

Award ceremony

i) In the case of prizes for a smartphone, it will be delivered within 45 working days after confirmation of the data by the qualified participant who won the prize

ii) https // tnc apply All complaints about non-delivery of the price must be made within 7 days after notification of the delivery date (notification by email / SMS) of the price by the delivery partner.

The winner will be notified within ten days of booking by email / SMS upon submission. After the 7-day delivery notice, the Delivery Partner will not accept requests in connection with the non-delivery of the Product.

Some important T&C

This event starts at 00:00 on February 13 2021, and ends at 23:59 on April 15 2021

Get a guaranteed price for a mobile smartphone, cashback of 50 Rs or Jio Data (100 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB)

You must be an individual;

Must be an ordinary person resident in the Republic of India;

You must be 18 or older at the time you enter the campaign;

You must be officially competent to enter a binding agreement under applicable Indian law.

Further conditions can be found – https // tnc apply


How can I participate in the Cadbury Wishes Package offer?

The consumer must purchase the Cadbury Dairy Milk Wish Pack (MRP Rs.10 and 13.2gms) to enter the competition https // tnc apply and have a chance to win exciting prizes such as free Jio Data / Free Jio Talk Time voucher, mobile smartphones, laptops

Can I win more than one Cadbury Wish Pack award?

Each participant is entitled to only one high prize (smartphone and laptop). Other entrants have a chance to win Free Jio Data and Free Jio Talk coupons on time.


Lots of prizes are waiting for you. Buy a Cadbury package worth ₹ 10 and get free rewards l, Have a minimum of 100 MB of data, up to 4 GB of data Rewards include a phone refund offer and a gift voucher.https // tnc apply. If you want to receive this offer, try all the above steps.

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